Veterinary Emergency Critical Care Ultrasound interest group

VECCUS was created by a group of like-minded colleagues from around the world
who share a passion and collaborative desire for the promotion, education,
and training of veterinary point of care ultrasound
Our goal is to bring together clinicians, technicians, and students from all specialties and styles of veterinary practice who share a common passion for the use of POCUS.

Our mission is to promote the development of veterinary POCUS and increase its use in all practice settings, by all levels of users. VECCUS attempts to achieve these goals by promoting and assisting in the implementation of training programs of undergraduate students, as well as by participating in the training for qualified veterinary professionals. Moreover, we aim to encourage research in the field of veterinary POCUS, aiming to develop new applications and continuously raise the standards of care in the application of veterinary POCUS, ensuring its’ safe and effective use on our emergency and critical care patients.

Currently VECCUS hosts an annual symposium as a pre-congress day at the European Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care (EVECC) congress dedicated to advancing veterinary point-of-care ultrasound. This symposium has and will serve as a platform for professionals from around the world to exchange knowledge, share best practices, and explore the latest advancements in veterinary POCUS.

In 2024, we continue our journey towards excellence by:

Promoting the clinical application of POCUS

We are committed to advocating clinically centred applications of veterinary POCUS, supporting research initiatives, standardising our approaches, and driving progression in the field.

Supporting research and education

VECCUS hosts several workshops at the EVECC congress, and has also hosted the POCUS workshops at the International Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society congress (IVECCS) in San Antonio, dedicated to advancing veterinary POCUS, further cementing our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. Towards the future we plan to launch a research grant aimed to promote research in the field of veterinary POCUS. 

Empowering professionals

Our symposium welcomes clinicians, technicians, and students from diverse backgrounds, encouraging them to embrace POCUS with confidence. We enthusiastically invite every individual to ask questions, challenge conventions, and unlock the potential of veterinary POCUS.

We aim for:

Global Impact

We aim to support and encourage ongoing POCUS research, training, and development at both the graduate and post-graduate level. As POCUS becomes an integral part of veterinary curricula, our symposium is positioned to shape its trajectory.

Pioneering development

We take pride in being the first dedicated POCUS symposium in Europe, and we envision this event becoming an annual cornerstone to EVECC, showcasing the latest developments in veterinary POCUS.


VECCUS is an interest group of the European Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society (EVECCS) and is closely associated with the European College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care (ECVECC). These relationships encourage the integration of veterinary POCUS within emergency and critical care throughout Europe, but also internationally.

World-Class tuition

Our scientific program features eminent key opinion leaders in veterinary POCUS who will share their wealth of clinical experience and research.

As we gather in Dubrovnik 2025, we anticipate a symposium filled with insightful discussions, collaborative opportunities, and exciting discoveries.

Together, we will continue to shape the future of veterinary POCUS.

POCUS to live, live to POCUS.

Warm regards,
On behalf of the entire VECCUS Committee,
Laura Cole
Chair of VECCUS