General Board

The main tasks of the General Board are:
1. To discuss matters concerning the Society.
2. To make (financial) decisions concerning the Society.
3. To implement the goals of the Society as described in the Constitution.
4. To serve the members of the society by the organization of an annual member’s meeting.
5. To ‘translate’ the Constitution into practical activities to be developed by the Society to reach its goals.

As a result of this the following main activities have been developed:

  • the organization of an annual Congress
  • the creation and maintenance of a society website
  • the appointment of committees to execute all the different Society’s activities
  • to serve as an European “umbrella’ organization for organizations active in the field of veterinary emergency and critical care

Chiara Valtonina                                   Joao Araujo

President                                               Vice President
Céline Pouzot-Nevoret
Past President
Luis Bosch                                               Cosmin Muresan
Treasurer                                                Secretary
Linda Perissinotto                                 Tiago Abreu
Member Veterinarian                            Member Veterinary Technician